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TasNetworks Michaud Fuse Update

Dakota Wolf

23 Oct 2023

Safety Alert on Michaud Service Fuse Holders.

TasNetworks has begun an inspection program for all homes and businesses where defective 100A Michaud Service Fuse Holders may be present (original safety alert available here).

The program will see the service fuse holders inspected and, if identified as being from one of the impacted batch numbers (#214306 or #214113), red heat shrink will be placed over the shear bolts (as per the photo below) and the location recorded to support a timely replacement program.

The inspection program is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2024. Once the inspection has occurred, customers will be notified as to whether their fuse will need to be replaced or not.

TasNetworks are continuing to work with the supplier and other stakeholders to determine the replacement program timeframes. While the defective fuse holders do not impact the supply or operation of electrical circuits it can pose a risk to those working in close proximity and we ask that you treat all Service Fuse equipment with caution and ensure you follow the relevant safety protocols.

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